Shop Smart for Insurance with a Local Agent

13 December 2017, Comments Comments Off on Shop Smart for Insurance with a Local Agent

When you’re tackling something unfamiliar such as booking a trip, doing your taxes and you want to make sure it’s done right, you hire a professional. The same is true with car insurance. A local agent talks with you about your vehicle and your life, and recommends options that match both. Some local agents sell policies from only one company, and others sell policies from multiple companies. An agent who sells policies from more than one company can offer you more options because they have more companies and insurance products to choose from.

 When you’re ready to talk to a local agent, here are questions they might ask to create a policy that’s right for you:

  Do you have an older car? Once your car reaches a certain age, you can lower the amount of physical damage coverage. Your agent can adjust your policy accordingly. He or she also might suggest raising your deductible to save more money.

  What’s changed in your life lately? If you’ve recently moved, gotten married or had a birthday, you might be eligible for discounts.

  Do you need coverage for a different kind of vehicle?

 Your agent can help you get a discount for insuring multiple vehicles, and they don’t have to be cars. If you have a motorcycle, boat, RV, ATV or snowmobile, it needs insurance, too.

Do you need to insure something other than a car? One of the main advantages of an agent who sells more than one company’s policies is the ability to pick the best matches for all of your insurance needs — home, business, life, etc

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