Customer Testimonials

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Over the years I have been very impressed with the level of service given by Trotter Insurance and Brian Rawlins. When we were first looking at insurance companies, we were mostly just looking to save money and Brian was able to do that for us. However, since then we have also been shown the added value of someone that is truly looking out for our best interests. The level of support has been way beyond the expectations. Fifteen minutes could save you some money…but Trotter can save you money, time, and provide you peace of mind. Brian’s not just a good agent to have on your side. He’s a GREAT one!

Mick D. in Celina

Brian is always looking out for my best interest when it comes to saving me money on my insurance and making sure I have all the options available to me. For example, when my son was about to leave the country for two years, Brian heard about it and proactively contacted me to make arrangements for my family car insurance coverage to be modified to reflect that fact. When another son was in a minor fender-bender that was his fault, Brian made sure I had the chance to evaluate the amount of damages and what my options were before the insurance claims were filed.

Brian is always available for discussion and consultation. He is great at explaining complicated matters in easy-to-understand language and concepts. I know exactly what I’m getting when I deal with Brian. I would recommend him (and I have recommended him) as an agent for all my family and friends.

David B. in Carrollton

Trotter Insurance goes above and beyond in returning calls and inquires in real-time, when information is most needed. This stellar level service is rarely available in today’s business environment. Thank you, Trotter Insurance Group!

Kimberly L. in Addison

The service I receive from Trotter differs from other agencies in that I truly feel as if I receive personal treatment, and know my agent. I don’t feel like just another customer, and I feel as if my agent is looking out for my best interest-not the interest of the company.

Tammy B. in Denton

Brian’s attention to detail and personal service sets him apart from the rest. He was able to lower my monthly insurance payment and took care of everything to make the transition seamless.

Ami S. in Dallas

Trotter Insurance has saved me, my family, and friends a great deal of money. No one was able to beat their rates for my home owners and auto insurance. Every family member and friend I have sent to Trotter Insurance has switched. What makes Trotter great is that have great rates and fabulous service. Brian Rawlins has traveled out to meet personally with customer I have referred to him. He has helped maneuver the claims process and helped us figure out when it is in our best interest to file a claim and when it is best to not file a claim. I will always use Trotter Insurance Group and Brian Rawlins.

Rachel G. in Frisco

The service I have received from Trotter insurance group was such a refreshing change from other insurance agents. My calls are always promptly returned, there is no limit to the lengths Trotter Insurance Group goes to make sure all of my questions are answered and my needs are met. It is such a relief to know that when the unexpected happens I’m protected by my insurance and treated like family by my insurance agent!

Brenda S. in Carrollton

Brian has always provided exceptional personal service, especially when compared to other insurance agents I have used. On several occasions he has taken the extra time to talk on the phone or visit my home “after hours” to accommodate my schedule, and has personally been involved when I have gone through the claims process. I have never hesitated to recommend Brian to others who need a good insurance agent.

Chris W. in Frisco

My family and I have our home, vehicles, jet skis and ATV’s insured through Trotter Insurance. Brian Rawlins has always done a great job in providing us with the most comprehensive insurance policies for the money. He keeps me advised as to factors to consider to keep the necessary coverage for a competitive premium. He’s responsive to questions or concerns I’ve had about coverage and/or premiums. With Trotter Insurance coverage, I don’t feel I have to continually shop around to see if I have the best coverage for the best price. This service and valued coverage is not what I’ve always experienced from past insurance agents. Thanks.

Robert K. in Little Elm

Professionalism and peace of mind are the words I would use to describe the service and coverage I receive from Trotter Insurance. From the excellent coverage and rates to the personal attention I received during a recent claim, Trotter Insurance Group provides genuine ‘old-fashioned’, caring service that is so hard to find. With Trotter Insurance not only will you receive competitive rates and coverage that fits your needs, but you’ll have an agent that truly cares.

Phil E. in Oak Point

Brian maintains a thoughtful, diligent approach to his customers needs that has been lost in the insurance industry. After experiencing how Brian handled one of my auto claims, I shifted all my insurance business to him. Brian’s character and manner of doing business make it easy to recommend him without reservation.

Ryan E. in Denton

Trotter Insurance Group is first class all the way. The service that I get from my agent, Brian, is like none other in the market. It’s nice to know that I can receive such wonderful service and care from my agent while he constantly tries to save me money! Thanks Trotter Insurance Group!

Justin J. in Denton

When I was looking to lower my rates by switching insurance companies, Trotter was the only agency who was honest with me not only about what coverage I did need, but what I did not need, helping me stay safe and save money at the same time. Whenever I’ve asked for anything in the mean time, the response is extremely fast, and I take a lot of comfort knowing that the same person who helped build my policy will be there for me in an emergency.

-Jennifer R. in Denton

I have dealt with many insurance agents in the past and Trotter was by far the best in every conceivable way. Quotes were consistently lower and service was always above and beyond what I could have expected. I highly recommend the service without any reservations.

Brad O. in Houston

I have never had the type of service before with an insurance company or agent. I have had several occasions to contact Brian Rawlins and his service is not only exemplary but shows the type of service that great company’s are known for. Whenever I talk to family or friends I encourage them to contact Trotter Insurance the worlds best agent.

Scott M. in Flower Mound

It’s impossible to limit the true expression of the level of satisfaction I feel when explaining the quality of my insurance company. Well unlike other insurance companies that say that you can talk to a representative anytime, Trotter Insurance ACTUALLY has amazing response time. I’ve shopped around for low rates and haven’t found anything as low as Trotter Insurance. My agent, Brian is always happy to answer questions at anytime and I have the weirdest questions at the oddest hours. Brian always has the answers and his friendly and charismatic nature make Trotter Insurance a real pleasure to call my insurance company.

Mark M. in Dallas